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Connecting Communities on The S

StanRTA service changes - headerThe Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (StanRTA) plans to launch systemwide service changes on March 5, 2023, as a result of its Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) findings from 2022. The changes will help provide transit equity across The S service area.

The “Connecting Communities on The S” service launch will add 200+ new bus stops and partially redesign most routes. All routes will have schedule changes. Additional details include:

Sunday Bus Service Added

• Sunday hourly bus service is now available on Routes 15, 24, 40, 45, 48, 50, 60, 61.  

60-Minute Service Frequency

• Service frequency improved to every 60 minutes on Routes 40, 45, 50, 60, 61. Consult route timetables.  

More Bus Stops and New Information Posts

•  Additional bus stops have been added to many routes to make transit easier to access. Information posts will include a QR code to make it easier for riders to locate their bus and plan their trip with the Track the S  app.

Bidirectional Routes, Timetables, and Timepoints

• Many routes are almost exclusively bidirectional, going outbound and then turning around to return on the same path with bus stops closely aligned on opposite sides of the street. Timepoints on some routes have been reassigned to better reflect progress along a route.

Patterson BART (Pilot Project)

• The AM and PM Patterson BART buses will transfer passengers onto the Modesto BART bus at a stop near the convergence of Interstate 5 and Highway 132. The Modesto BART bus will proceed to Dublin BART. This pilot will last for one year or until ridership increases to a level justifying two buses traveling to Dublin.

Turlock Stops

• Routes going to Turlock will no longer make stops at CSU Stanislaus or downtown Turlock. The S will proceed more directly to the Turlock Transit Center where passengers will transfer onto a Turlock Transit bus to their final destinations.

Ceres Mobility Hub

• Ceres is home to a new mini-hub for Routes, 15, 29, 42, 47, and 61.

Discontinued Routes

• Routes 28 and 41 have been combined into a new route, Route 48. 

• Route 44 is replaced by portions of Routes 42 and 47.

• Route 36 is absorbed into other routes. 

New Routesimage of the bus with a passenger boarding

Route 47- Modesto Transit Center to Ceres Walmart via SW Modesto to Hatch and Mitchell. Replaces portions of existing Routes 36, 42, and 44.

Route 48 - Modesto Transit Center to Salida via 9th, Sisk, Dale, Kiernan, and Gregori High School. Replaces Routes 41 and 28.

Route 50 - Modesto Transit Center to Waterford via Yosemite through Empire. Formerly part of Route 61.

Demand Response Changes

As part of the effort to streamline the transit service and best serve the community with the March 5 service change, StanRTA will discontinue shuttle services connecting regions without fixed-route service as well as the Newman Dial-A-Ride.

Shuttles discontinued

• Waterford/Modesto Shuttle running between Modesto, Empire, Oakdale, Waterford, Hickman, Hughson, and Ceres.

• Turlock/Modesto Shuttle running between Modesto, Keyes, Turlock, and Denair.

• Eastside Shuttle running between Modesto, Oakdale, and Riverbank.

Image of Demand Response vehicle driving under the Ceres sign.The NEW service launching on March 5 expands routes and frequencies with over 200 more bus stops. We’ve also attempted to better match rider demand with the supply of vehicles and operators. Despite being a smarter and more efficient system, canceling the shuttles was a difficult decision because we have a small but dedicated group of riders relying on this service.

If you are one of these riders, we would like to connect with you to assist in finding an alternative way to meet your transportation needs. StanRTA works with a number of service groups in the area, and we are confident we can help find a solution that may prove to be more efficient than what the shuttle services provide.Image of Dial-A-Ride customer boarding the bus

Newman Dial-A-Ride Discontinued

Due to expanded fixed-route service in the area, curb-to-curb transportation to the general public in the communities of Newman, Patterson, Crows Landing, and parts of Gustine is being discontinued.

March Service Changes to Increase Mobility in Patterson and Oakdale

Patterson and Oakdale residents will now have a Sunday bus service and an expanded 60-minute service frequency! New bus stops are also being added in both cities at places with high foot traffic.

In Patterson, The S Routes 40 and 45 were reconfigured to circulate through residential neighborhoods, linking communities to retail, education, and healthcare locations.

In Oakdale, The S Route 60 was moved off Highway 108 in some areas, so it could pass directly in front of residential areas and the Gladys Lemon Senior Center in Oakdale. The Route now travels through retail areas and improves access for residents to run basic errands and stay connected.

The S is excited to provide the transit equality that the residents of Oakdale and Patterson have been waiting for!

Employee Spotlight

Simon Herrera - Director, Operations and Planning Simon Herrera

Simon joined the StanRTA Team in October 2022. As the Director of Operations and Planning, he reports to the CEO and is responsible for planning, directing, managing, and integrating the delivery of all fixed-route, demand-response, and ADA paratransit transit services provided by the StanRTA throughout the cities in Stanislaus County.

Simon has over 30 years of for-profit and non-profit experience in various public transportation settings. He began his career in 1989 as a school bus operator for Laidlaw Transit in San Bernardino County. In 2004, he took his talents to Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA).  He served as the Director of Operations at VVTA from 2017 until moving to his current position at StanRTA.

Simon assists the CEO in implementing the goals of the Board of Directors and attracting more riders to The S. He is committed to improving on-time performance along with rolling out future projects to expand transit equity in the region. We are excited to have Simon on the leadership team to help us continue Connecting Communities on The S!