Ride The S News - Fall 2022

image of the bus with "Ride The S News" written over it

Get to know The S

The S is operated by the Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (StanRTA) which formed in July 2021 as a result of a joint powersImage of StanRTA Bus with "route 40" displayed on the overhead sign agreement between the City of Modesto which operated Modesto Area Express (MAX) and Stanislaus County which ran Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT). The S provides fixed-route service to 18 cities and the local Amtrak Station. Demand-response services include ADA Paratransit, Dial-A-Ride, Shuttle, and Medivan throughout Stanislaus County. Commuter services travel to the ACE station in Lathrop, Manteca Transit Center, Stockton Transit Center, and Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.

Since the merger between MAX and StaRT, many people have wondered - What is a Demand Response Service? This issue of Ride the S News will focus on answering that question.

Recognizing The S Buses

In November 2021, StanRTA rebranded the combined MAX and StaRT systems to “The S” with the slogan “Ride the S.” Rebranding began in January 2022 but will take many months to complete. 

StanRTA presented the first bus branded with “Ride the S” to the public on December 16, 2021. The first of the fleet was named “The Jenny” in honor of Jenny Kenoyer, Chair of the StanRTA board and long-time Modesto transit advocate. 

Over the next few months, a handful of buses at a time will be taken out of service to be rebranded to The S. This will ensure service is not disrupted. Until then, the Ride the S brand is represented by the following:

    Modesto Area Express (MAX) branded buses

    Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride (MADAR) branded buses

    Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) branded buses

    Plain white buses with a Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (StanRTA) “Ride The S” logo or sign in the window.

Demand Response Service on The S

Demand response refers to transit services that require advanced scheduling by the customer, providing pick-up and drop-off either at the door or at the curb. Demand response service includes ADA paratransit, Dial-A-Ride services, and Medivan.Image of woman stepping off an ADA Paratransit vehicle

ADA paratransit is required by law for individuals unable to navigate fixed-route bus systems due to a disability. Riders must be certified as eligible to use the service. Most customer trips on The S Demand Response Services are for qualified ADA paratransit riders. This includes trips throughout Stanislaus County wherever fixed route service goes. These are the trips riders would have previously booked on MADAR and StaRT paratransit. Riders must become certified to ride ADA paratransit at the Stanislaus Eligibility Center. Call to schedule an appointment at 209-232-5092.

The cost for ADA paratransit riders is $2.50 per trip. There are no discounts available for ADA paratransit trips. Reservations can be made at 209.527.4900.

ADA Paratransit on The S Facts

    ADA paratransit operates 365 days/year throughout Stanislaus County. Image of woman being assisted onto an ADA Paratransit vehicle

    Trips can begin and end in different cities and communities.

    ADA passengers are guaranteed trips on the system.

Hours of Operation

    Monday-Friday, 5:15 am – 11:15 pm

    Saturday, 6:15 am – 10:00 pm

    Sunday, 7:30 am – 8:15 pm


Medivan shuttles take passengers from the Modesto Transit Center to Bay Area medical centers, Monday through Friday (except holidays). This service provides non-emergency medical transportation. The Medivan is NOT an emergency vehicle and does not serve individuals who require special medical treatment during transportation. However, the Medivan can accommodate people who utilize mobility devices and service animals. Reservations are required and it is recommended that reservations be made two weeks before your appointment.

The patient fare for Medivan is $10 one way. Attendants can accompany patients for $5.00 one way. Youth ages 0-18 ride free (patient or attendant). Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Newman, Oakdale, Patterson, or Riverbank Riders

An optional curb-to-curb service is provided in Newman, Oakdale, Patterson, and Riverbank where fixed route bus service is limited. Please call 209-527-4900 to inquire about each City’s hours of operation. These dial-a-ride services are open to the general public and can be booked up to 7 days prior to the day of travel. Youth 0-18 travel free. $2.50 one-way fare. No discounts for seniors, veterans, or individuals with disabilities. 

Book The SBook the S App logo
The App for Paratransit and Medivanimage of megaphone with the words "coming soon" Riders

Plan, pay for, and track your door-to-door travel from the palm of your hand.

Download the Book the S app for FREE from the App Store or Google Play. 

To set up your Book the S account, please call or visit Customer Service. 1001 9th Street in Modesto or call (209) 527-4900.

Employee Spotlight 

Angela SwansonImage of StanRTA employee Anglea Swanson

The S provides transportation to riders all over Stanislaus County, so we would like to introduce members of the team so riders far and wide can put a face to the service they trust. This month we are proud to introduce Angela Swanson, who is the Title VI Transit Compliance Officer for StanRTA. 

Angela is passionate about providing safe, reliable, and equitable transportation to all residents in her community. The S grants equal access to its transportation services in Stanislaus County and Angela is committed to enforcing non-discrimination in the conduct of its business, including its responsibilities under the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This historic act provides that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under its program of transit services delivery.  

“Quality transit means freedom to attend school, go to work, receive healthcare, and to connect with friends and the community. My purpose is to see that transit services are equitably provided throughout the region by ensuring that the bus goes where it’s needed and that all of our passengers are treated respectfully.”

Any person(s) believing they have been subjected to discrimination under Title VI based on race, color, or national origin with regard to transit service delivery has the right to file a complaint within 180 days following the alleged incident. If you have questions about your complaint, Angela encourages you to reach out to her at (209) 774-4582.